Herend Hungary hand painted porcelain ashtray circa 1940’s


Vintage from the 1940s / Materials: Porcelain, Gold

Dimensions Height: 1 1/4 Inches; Width: 5 3/4 Inches


Beautiful hand painted Herand ashtray signed with the student artist mark. This piece was painted by a student, studying to become a Herand artist at the Herend Porcelain Manufactory (Hungary), circa 1940’s. There is a very small signature on the underside, near the edge but I am not able to read it. I will attach a picture of the signature. The ashtray has 6 lobes and 6 indents for the cigarette. Each lobe has a small flower or leaf painted in the center, front and side. There was gold trim on the outside rim but over the years all the gold has rubbed off.

This is a vintage estate piece in beautiful condition! Because it comes from a previous life it’s not brand new or perfect and I will always try to point out any obvious flaws. No chips, no cracks no crazing. Most of all the gold trim is lost.

All items are previously owned or vintage estate pieces. They are described as found. As questions! I’m happy to answer them.
Parcels are packed with foam, peanuts and bubble wrap for safe travel at no extra cost to you. The peanuts are biodegradable and I ask that you please try to recycle my packaging if possible. Together we can do our part in protecting our environment. Shipping costs are kept down without compromising the safety of the items. Combined shipping is always considered when making multiple purchases.


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